Social Finance Has A New Home

DeFi Copy-Trading Platform
Non-Custodial, Multichain, Truly Decentralized

The Future is Social + DeFi

Becoming a profitable trader is complex and time intensive.
Until now.

Automatically copy traders of your choosing, replicating what they do by investing in their DAO, and benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Every Social Trader on MC²Fi has an automated DAO managed by our AMM that follows all their trades.
Traders earn a small fee from all their followers. As opposed to centralized platforms, neither MC²Fi nor the trader will gain custody of your funds.

Join Us!

Alpha Community
Currently MC²Fi is in the early stage of its development.
You can join our waitlist, or apply to become one of our first social traders.


Created by
Initiated by the awesome team of MC²Ventures

Built by
Folks of the MC²Fi DAO - From the community for the community.

You want to be part of the future of social finance? Talk to our investor relations team.

Partner With Us
MC²Finance will be easy to integrate into DEXs, and our multichain technology can easily be adapted for different chains. We will contact you for a first call with our team.

Apply as Trader
Crypto Influencer? Expert Trader?
If you want to be the first to join us as one of our experts, drop us a message.
Be rewarded with tokens.

Join our Team
DeFi Degen? Passionate builder?
Send us a message and let's see how we can buidl this together.
MC²Fi will move towards a decentralized DAO framework over time.